What are the Best Methods of Hot Weather Watering?

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Growing plants is a pastime that people from all growing zones enjoying doing. Whether growing plants for fun or for food, there is one issue that all growers face. That issue is how to water plants correctly. Both cold and warm weather seasons create problems related to watering.

Hot weather watering is the toughest problem that most growers face when it comes to properly watering their plants. The reason for this problem is several bad things can happen to plants if they are not watered correctly during hot weather. One common problem growers face is plants being burnt after watering them.

This unfortunate incident generally occurs when a grower sprays the foliage of plants during the heat of the day. This also happens if plants are watered right before the sun starts warming the earth and the plants have not dried from the watering. There are many ways to deal with this problem to ensure plants are never burnt again.

One way to prevent foliage from being burnt to a crisp is to water plants long before the sun’s direct beams hit plants. This generally means watering them in either in the early morning or early evening hours. Watering in the morning is the preferred method, though plants can be watered before it is dark and dry out before the sun goes down. If plants are watered too late in the evening hours they can become plagued by fungus and diseases.

Watering in the early evening hours, reduces the risk of fungus and disease. Most prefer to water in the morning so plants have an opportunity to soak up the water into their cells before leaves and stems can be burnt from the sun. One way to make certain that foliage is never burnt on a plant is to avoid watering the foliage in the first place. By installing a drip irrigation system plants can be watered without worry if the irrigation water is concentrated at the root system.

If unable to install such a system there is always the option of making a cry baby soaker hose. To make such a hose all one needs to do is poke a line of holes into one side of a hose. The next step is to lay the hose next to the plants with the holes facing the dirt. The rest is easy, hook the hose up to water, turn it on, and the hose will instantly water the root system of plants.

Another fool proof method for watering plants is to hand water them. This takes longer, but some people have the time and prefer to water by hand. For those with the time, try to concentrate the water on the dirt and not on the plants. For those who need a different method to water in the hot weather, devices that hook to plastic bottles and water the plants as needed are another effective hot weather watering method. Simply fill the plastic bottle with water, screw on the special lid than turn the bottle upside down and stick the lid into the surface of the dirt. If these methods are followed plants should never get burnt no matter how hot it is where they are grown. Happy Growing!

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