What are the Basic Methods of Vegetable Garden Fertilizing?

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What if I told you that basic Vegetable Garden Fertilizing simply boils down to preference, would you still want to garden? Fertilizers for your vegetable garden come in many forms, and from many places. You can purchase fertilizer, make your own, or get it from animals such as horses and cows.

You will start by choosing the area where you will be planting your vegetables. This is when you will have to pull weeds and take the area down to bare soil. Once this is complete you will be deciding which fertilizer you will be using to mix in with your soil to prepare your beds for planting.

You spend the fall and winter thinking about planting your own garden. You've chosen the area, taken it down to bare soil and now it is time to fertilize and prepare for planting. You want a fertilizer that will help grow large and tasty vegetables. Many Fertilizers claim that they are the best for your vegetable garden. But, which do you prefer?

Store Bought:

Large and small nurseries, and home improvement stores carry many brands of fertilizer for your vegetable garden. Powdered, spray, granules and manure are the basic categories of fertilizer. You will see potting soil containing different nutrients and vitamins. Powdered Fertilizer that is meant for certain stages of growth, you will find the same in the spray form. Manure that has been packaged and is ready for you to pick up and add to your garden is also available.

Ranches and Farms:

Many privately owned ranches would gladly sell or give away their horse and cow manure. Horse and cow manure is a good basic fertilizer for your vegetable garden. There are ways of dealing with the manure that you will need to know. Horse and cow manure have high levels of nitrogen. This can burn your plants. Fresh manure can also contain pathogens that may contaminate your vegetable garden. You will need to pile it up and create a compost pile to age the manure so that it is a better fertilizer for your garden, this process will take about a year. Chicken manure is also a very good fertilizer for your vegetable garden.


Creating a compost pile and adding coffee grounds, fresh manure, potato peels, old vegetables, etc. is a great method of making a constant source of fertilizer for your vegetable garden. A compost pile will take work mixing it up and time for it to "cook". Eventually everything that you add to your pile will turn into a soil like substance. This is a very good fertilizer for your garden. There are also compost spinners available for purchase that makes the process of composting quicker.

As you can see there are many methods to Vegetable Garden Fertilizing. The quickest and most basic way to accomplish this is to head to your local nursery or home improvement store and purchase cheap bags of manure and potting soil. This is the quickest and most basic way of fertilizing your garden to prepare it for planting vegetables. As you continue to fertilize and plant your vegetable garden you will find that more types of fertilizers may be needed to add the nutrients that you will need to grow the vegetables that you want. In most cases you will not need to get too technical when first fertilizing your vegetable garden.

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